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Fastest Armed Response

International Protective Service (IPS) has the fastest armed response team in the industry. Our armed guards will be onsite to protect your and your property in minutes, and we will contact law enforcement to take custody of any suspect(s) apprehended, and first responders to handle any emergency situations.

Dynamic Monitoring for Improved Security

Observation frameworks give you the genuine feelings of serenity that your property is secured when you’re gone, however how are you dealing with the framework while you’re out? To be genuinely viable you ought to be informed immediately if something has occurred through the way toward setting up cautions and observing your framework.

Regular Security Monitoring Applications

Decrease auto burglary in stopping lotsCapture development video of place of work securityPrevent altering of high security modern and energy sitesDeter intruders on office grounds or hardware yardReplace safety officers in zones excessively perilous or too expensive to even think about utilizing them

Remote Video Monitoring Your Facility

Remote observing gives you admittance to your framework by signing in through your PDA, tablet, or PC. You can observe live video, audit recorded recordings, and deal with your framework from anyplace with a web association. You can likewise set up your framework to send your cautions when your framework is enacted, telling you the moment something occurs.

Dynamic Video Monitoring

You can likewise work with an outsider video observing organization to deal with your framework’s cautions. These organizations get sent cautions when your framework recognizes movement, so they can distantly sign into to see video and evaluate the circumstance. In the case of something is going on, like an intruder on your property, they can inform you and the nearby specialists of the circumstance, at times halting wrongdoing before it happens.

The Benefit of Proactive Monitoring

Observing your reconnaissance framework, regardless of whether you do it without anyone’s help through portable checking or by recruiting an outsider assistance, permits you to get moment notices of alarms so you can respond rapidly to any circumstance. Travel serenely and leave your property in harmony realizing that you are constantly associated.