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About Our Armed Guard Training

Our security guard training is conducted by world class professionals that come from seasoned military and law enforcement backgrounds. Our instructors keep the class interesting, answering all of your questions and concerns and will personally guide you through the entire process.

We recommend that you bring a black or dark blue ink pen and a notepad or notebook. It’s good to be prepared with these items for any future training you may attend and you will be required to carry them as a licensed security guard while you are working.

During the class our professional administration department,  staffed by respected industry leaders, will guide you through the fingerprint and licensing process.  After you receive your security guard license we always have open positions waiting to be filled.

A security license is required to work unarmed or armed security

While the requirements can vary depending on which state you will be working in, some states may not require a guard license and then you have states like Florida and Texas that require a guard license. These states also require a license to work armed security.

In the State of Florida, security guards require a class D license and if working armed need a Statewide Firearms License. The unarmed license entails 40 hours of security instruction to be eligible for the license. In Texas, there are different levels of certification for unarmed and armed security services.

Security is a growing industry and is vital to helping protect both residential and commercial clients. Private security is becoming a force multiplier for law enforcement in the efforts of crime prevention throughout many cities across the United States.

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