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International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers a wide range of residential security services, including standing guards. We provide highly experienced and capable officers on your premises to ensure the safety of your property and person.

Standing Guard Qualifications

Standing guard services from IPS are provided by experienced and highly trained officers. Most of our agents are current or former law enforcement or military, and all our agents must pass our rigorous hiring process, which includes physical, knowledge and psychological testing to ensure they have the character and stamina to provide protective service that meets our high standards.

Standing Guard Capabilities

Standing guard service from IPS is available throughout the greater Albuquerque area for a minimum of four hours up to 24-hour coverage as long as needed. While on-duty, you determine the extent to which officers are visible and capable of force by selecting:
  • Uniformed or plain clothes officers
  • Armed or unarmed
You may also opt for an off-duty police officer and/or K9 detachment as your standing guard. IPS standing guard officers stay on-post and focused for the entire duration of the assignment. They do not take meal breaks or leave the premises until relief arrives or contracted standing guard coverage ends.

Standing Guard vs. Security Patrols—Which Do You Need?

The presence of standing guards is often enough to thwart any attempted home invasion or personal assault. In some cases, security patrols may accomplish the same ends. The type of residential security service you need is largely determined by what level of IPS presence you require to feel secure in your home or safe leaving it. To find out what security services will best meet your needs, please contact us for a free security assessment.

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