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We live in a litigious society. If anything goes wrong on your property, you may be held legally responsible by those who suffered. Private event security from International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) in Albuquerque, New Mexico can help minimize security risks and liability issues so that you can enjoy hosting your event.

Alcohol Increases Security Risks

Alcohol introduces a number of threats to your peace and property, such as:

  • Minors attempting to acquire alcohol

If minors get alcohol while on your premises, even without your knowledge, you may be liable for any damages caused by or to them.

  • Impulsive and/or violent behavior of those who have consumed alcohol

Alcohol can inflame tempers and incite violent behavior, and that can lead to physical altercations that result in personal injury and/or property damage…all of which you may be liable for.

However, alcohol is often an enriching part of a celebration. With event security services, you may feel freer to serve—and your guests enjoy—alcohol.

Events Attract Attention

There are a number of visible markers of a home event, including:

  • Increased local traffic and parking on your street
  • Increased noise, either from music or voices (especially when all or part of the event is hosted outdoors)

Frequent deliveries leading up the event may have gained attention, too.

When your home is the obvious hub of activity, it can attract unwanted elements, like party-crashers or potential burglars. Event security keeps more eyes and ears open and alert for security threats, preventing many issues from escalating to major security problems.

Consider the Possibilities

IPS offers a free security assessment to identify potential security threats and make recommendations for your home event. We offer a wide range of event security services, and you determine the extent to which our officers are visible and can act to resolve threats while on your property. Contact us to get started.

International Protective Service, Inc. can help you enjoy your event. Call us for a free security assessment.

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