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Commercial and corporate events are meant to be enjoyable, raise awareness, drive business, etc. However, they also introduce additional security risks and targets. To protect the safety of your guests and your property, you need special event security detail.

Increased Security Risks and Threats

Commercial and corporate events introduce a number of security risks that may not be present during normal business operations, such as:

  • Increased inventory and/ or value of displays
  • Presence of corporate executives and/or dignitaries
  • Large crowds
  • Alcohol service

Merchandise stock, displays, prizes, etc. draw burglars and thieves, and prominent attendees or big crowds can attract those wanting to make headlines—i.e., rioters, picketers and active shooters. Alcohol often incites impulsivity and volatility, increasing the threat in any situation. Alcohol also adds the potential for liability should minors succeed in acquiring it.

Standard security patrols and/or standing guards are likely to prove inadequate should a security issue arise within these circumstances.


Increased Security Capability

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) provides event security detail throughout the greater Albuquerque region to make sure that your grounds are adequately covered by our highly-trained officers. Our visible presence is often enough to deter would-be irritants from starting trouble. If our presence is not enough, our officers are prepared to resolve security threats, and we strive to resolve issues with the least force possible to avoid taking the focus away from the special event.

Contact us to get the security services you need for your special event. We conduct a free security assessment to identify potential risks and threats and make recommendations for event security staffing.

Special events introduce higher security risks. Meet them with increased security from International Protective Service, Inc. Call us for a free event security assessment.

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