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International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers superior security service for individuals, homes and businesses. Our officers possess a level of training and experience unrivaled in the industry. Our capability to protect your life and property provide an invaluable benefit—your peace of mind.

What Sets Our Security Service Apart

In the greater Albuquerque area, there are numerous private security companies, but none of them compete with IPS. Our security service meets a higher standard of excellence because we:

Employ the Most Qualified Officers

Security service from IPS is provided by experienced officers, primarily active, retired or honorably discharged members of the military or local law enforcement. Every candidate undergoes a rigorous hiring process to ensure we only employ the best of the best.

Provide Excellent Training

Once hired, our officers complete our own training program, which has been certified by the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, allowing us to train other security companies’ officers. Our officers also keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date through 40 hours of training each quarter.

Have Private Dispatch

IPS clients do not have to suffer long queues to get help. We have a private number staffed by experienced dispatchers available 24/7. When you call, we answer, and we send help immediately.

Have Extensive Resources

The experience, training and number of officers we have at IPS gives us greater capability to resolve security issues before local law enforcement must get involved.

Our standards for professionalism and excellence allow us to provide protective service that can prevent personal harm, property damage or loss.

Security Services for Individuals, Homeowners and Businesses

IPS is licensed in 16 states to provide security and investigative services. We offer a wide range of residential services, including personal bodyguards, and commercial services that include executive protection. We also consult with home and business owners to assess security needs and improvements for new and existing facilities.

Invest in Your Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your life and those of your family and your property are safe. Contact IPS for a free assessment to determine the security services you need for your home or business.

Call International Protective Service, Inc. for residential or commercial security services.

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Providing Peace of Mind in an Ever-Changing World