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Constant vigilance effectively deters criminals from invading your home or threatening your safety. Since you cannot keep your eyes and ears on your home 24/7, International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can provide the extra surveillance you need. Our highly-trained officers provide residential security patrol service to prevent crime and provide immediate response to threats.

Benefits of IPS Home Security Patrols

Residential patrol service can effectively deter crime from ever happening, and that can save you from personal harm and loss. Residential patrol service from IPS carries even more benefits.
In the event of a threat to your property or person:

  • We respond immediately. If a patrol officer observes any suspicious activity or signs, dispatch is notified, and another officer is put en route for back up.
  • Our officers are legally authorized to detain an individual until law enforcement arrives.
  • Our officers are well-trained and can effectively manage home security threats, even if physical confrontation or force is necessary.

In short, our security patrols can prevent and resolve many security incidents without your property or person ever being touched.

Residential Security Patrol Options

IPS offers a range of patrol services, including:

  • Daily patrolling
  • Vacation/vacancy patrolling

All types of security patrol service involve a minimum of two to four passes of your premises each day. However, IPS rarely settles for the minimum, so our agents typically monitor your home more frequently. If you feel your home needs even more vigilant coverage, we offer standing guard service as well.

Invest in Your Peace of Mind

Nothing puts your mind at ease like knowing that your home and your family are protected, even when you are not around. Contact IPS for a free home security assessment to determine what residential services best meet your needs.


Residential patrol service from IPS can keep your home and family safe.

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