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Whether or not you have regular security coverage for your commercial facility, you may need additional security for special events. To make sure you get the right services to protect your property and guests, you need to carefully select your private security contractor.

What to Look for in a Commercial Security Provider

Nearly any private security agency will tell you they can handle commercial event security, but to make sure they really can, look for:

  • Proper training and qualifications

Many security companies are staffed by inexperienced guards who do not have the training or license to do anything more than observe and report security issues. During a special event, that’s not enough.

  • Resources and capabilities

Most security companies only have the capability to supply a standing guard and/or security patrol for special events. And, most security companies will only provide exactly what you pay for, limiting what they can or will do should a security issue arise.

  • Insurance coverage

Many security companies do not carry the minimum required insurance, and that puts your company at risk for personal liabilities and property loss.

Security companies with the right credentials and capabilities should have no trouble showing you documentation to verify their claims.

Why Choose Us for Commercial or Corporate Event Security

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers everything you need for comprehensive event security, including:

  • Well-trained and experienced officers
  • A large security team that includes one of New Mexico’s only private security K9 divisions
  • Adequate insurance coverage

We provide a wide range of event security services and capabilities, and we do not limit resources to resolve threats but back our event security with everything we have to offer.

Make us your commercial event security company. Contact us to get started with a free security assessment.

International Protective Service, Inc. event security protects you and your guests. Call us to coordinate commercial event security today.

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