International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can accommodate any level of commercial security service. For low-risk enterprises and locations, you may only need the visible presence of a uniformed officer, making an unarmed agent (or agents) ideal for your facility.

Benefits of Having a Security Guard Presence

Many types of criminal behavior can be effectively deterred by simply increasing the chance of being seen. When you have a uniformed officer on your premises, would-be criminals are more likely to stay away, knowing that your commercial facility is no longer an easy target.

Because all uniformed IPS agents exude a high level of professionalism that reflects their extensive training and experience, the fact that they may be unarmed does not impair their ability to protect your property.

Unarmed Security Guard Capabilities

All IPS agents are licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Licensure for unarmed guard positions allows our agents to:

  • Observe and report suspicious activity to the property owners and managers as well as IPS supervisors
  • Intervene in the event a felony is witnessed in-progress
  • Detain individuals involved in the attempted crime

Beyond the capabilities allowed by state licensure, our in-house training ensures that our unarmed agents have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify active and potential threats to the safety and security of your premises and property
  • Provide detailed reports to law enforcement that can aid the arrest process and/or official investigations
  • Recognize when an escalated threat exists so that they immediately call for backup

Because IPS has a regional private dispatch center, our agents receive immediate assistance at your Scottsdale facility.

Increased Security Capabilities

If the threat-level on your commercial campus changes, IPS has increased capabilities. We have licensed armed agents and the size of force needed for executive protection, event security, armed transport and more. Contact us for a free security assessment for your Scottsdale, AZ business.

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