Proactive Protective Service in Scottsdale, Arizona

There are hundreds of private security companies in the greater Scottsdale area, but most of them offer limited protection. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS), however, offers proactive protective service to prevent and resolve threats before they cause loss of life or property.

What We Mean by Protective Service

Many private security companies can offer nothing more than observe-and-report service. IPS is different. The extensive training and experience of our officers allows us to offer protective service that can deter criminals from targeting your home or business.

Our officers come to IPS with extensive training and experience in law enforcement, military and private security. In addition to their career training, they also complete our in-house training (which may include firearms training). Our officers have the skills and capabilities to resolve all types of security issues.

Our Protective Service Capabilities

IPS has the manpower and resources to provide a wide range of security solutions, including:

Any service may be provided by an armed guard. And, when you choose highly visible uniformed officers, IPS is (literally) best-suited to prevent security threats from arising.

Customized Protective Service

IPS creates customized security plans to meet each client’s needs. We determine which security services are needed at your facility during a free security assessment. We can also lend our professional expertise to help businesses revamp security policy and practices through a security consultation. Contact us to get started.

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