International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) provides what personal and property crimes threaten—your peace of mind. When you choose us for your private security company, you choose a company with extensive resources at-the-ready to protect your personal safety and assets.

Why Consider Private Security

Crime statistics for Scottsdale show low violent crime and property crime rates compared to Arizona and national averages. However, surrounding areas are not as peaceful, and those elements are looking to the “greener pastures” of Scottsdale. As a result, property crime is on the rise every year. Private security is your best defense against any type of personal or property threat.

The Benefits of Private Security

Do not be lured into false security provided by an alarm system. In the event that your alarm sounds, your call may be de-prioritized by law enforcement because, statistically, it’s likely to be a false alarm.

That does not happen when you choose IPS for private security. When your alarm sounds or you call, we respond. An officer is on-site in a matter of minutes, not hours. And according to research, time makes all the difference. Fast response times increase the chances of:

  • Preventing or minimizing property damage
  • Preventing or minimizing personal safety threats
  • Detaining the suspect(s) involved with the attempted crime

Plus, with IPS as your private security company, you also get the benefit of officers trained to effectively communicate and coordinate with law enforcement to facilitate a smooth investigation and case processing.

Customized Private Security

IPS provides a range of possibilities for commercial security services. We can help you determine what services best meet your needs following a free security assessment. Contact us to get started.

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