Private Investigation Service in Scottsdale, Arizona

International Protection Service, Inc. (IPS) offers more than private residential and commercial security service. We also offer the investigative resources to get the information and answers you need for personal matters and business decisions.

Common Private Investigation Cases

The private detectives at IPS work on a wide range of cases, including:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Background checks
  • Computer forensics
  • Suspected theft or fraud

We frequently serve as subject matter experts to assist criminal defense and civil litigation attorneys’ offices.

Private Investigation Is Your Right

Private investigation is not just for situations outside the purview of law enforcement. Citizens have the right to hire a private investigator to work in tandem with the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over an active criminal investigation.

The Benefits of a Private Investigation

Many active investigations are led by agencies that have no obligation to share information with other interested parties. That can leave you feeling ill at ease, even the target of investigator bias.

Private investigation can restore your peace of mind. Your IPS private detective works for you. That means you have a trained investigator who:

  • Keeps you in the loop about case progress
  • Does not ignore any possible evidence or leads because of an agenda

Because your case is our singular focus, we are as motivated to find answers as you.

Experienced Private Investigators

All IPS private detectives are licensed and experienced investigators. Members of our investigation team boast training and experience in prestigious agencies, including the FBI.

To discuss your case with a private investigator, contact us. Our initial case review will help us match you with the investigator with the specialized experience that best suits your needs.

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