International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can help prevent your place of business from becoming a target for personal or property crimes with daily patrol service.

Benefits of Security Patrols

Even in a community as reputedly safe as Scottsdale, no place is immune from security threats. However, having patrol service can deter criminals from targeting your facility for vandalism or break-ins. When you proactively protect your facility, you may experience financial benefits, such as:

  • Lower insurance premiums because your risk is lower
  • Reduced costs in unauthorized inventory loss
  • Reduced expenses for repairs and maintenance

In the event that patrol service cannot prevent crime from starting, it does allow for a more timely response, which can reduce the amount of damage or loss sustained.

Security Patrol Customization Options

Basic IPS patrol service entails a minimum of two daily passes around your commercial facility by a uniformed officer in a marked vehicle. However, you may customize your patrol service by:

  • Increasing the minimum number of daily passes
  • Adding foot patrols that involve officers checking all entrances
  • Requesting a security officer stay on-site until your last employee leaves the facility
  • Adding standing guard service

Patrol officers may also escort unwelcomed visitors or dismissed employees from the premises.

Start Your IPS Patrol Service Today

Enhancing the security of your commercial facility is simple—contact us. We will conduct a free security assessment and make recommendations for customized patrol service.

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