Private Security Law Enforcement Division in Scottsdale, Arizona

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) takes pride in offering superior private security services. One way we offer better protection is by allowing our clients to select officers with law enforcement experience to provide their security service.

Law Enforcement Division Credentials

The Law Enforcement Division at IPS is exclusively staffed by:

  • Current members of local and/or state law enforcement agencies
  • Honorably retired members of local, state and/or national law enforcement agencies

But paperwork is not enough to become part of the IPS team. To be selected for our Law Enforcement Division, every officer must also pass our rigorous six-part hiring process, which rivals (and often exceeds) the level of vetting and testing required for municipal law enforcement departments.

The Benefits of Hiring Our Law Enforcement Division Officers

When you select residential or commercial private security provided by our Law Enforcement Division, you choose the best. Their training and experience allow them to:

  • Identify potential threats early
  • Resolve nearly any type of security threat
  • Successfully resolve threats using verbal de-escalation strategies and discriminating application of appropriate force
  • Facilitate communications and operations with on-duty law enforcement officers

The presence of our Law Enforcement Division officers on your property increases your safety and gives you peace of mind.

Law Enforcement Experience for Private Investigation

The IPS team also includes private investigators who are current or former law enforcement detectives. That means our private investigation clients get many of the same benefits as those hiring our Law Enforcement Division for security—advanced training, more experience, ease of access and communication with police forces.

Contact us to select private security and/or investigation services from our Law Enforcement Division.

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