Businesses in Scottsdale have no shortage of options for private security companies. However, there are very few that can match what International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can provide. We are a full-service security contractor, offering the capabilities you need to protect life and property on your commercial premises.

What Is Full-Service Security?

IPS defines full-service security as security coverage that:

  • Provides a wide range of security services—e.g., from personal protective detail to investigative services
  • Effectively deters criminal elements from targeting your place of business
  • Prevents security risks from becoming security threats
  • Responds quickly to every call
  • Can be expanded beyond “status quo” services to diffuse and resolve threats on your premises

This is what IPS offers every client because this is what you need for real protection against real-world threats.

How We Provide Full-Service Security

IPS is able to offer full-service security coverage because we have the right resources:

  • Private dispatch—our dispatch center is staffed 24/7 and allows you to communicate directly with IPS team members who can get officers to your site ASAP.
  • Experienced and extensively trained officers—our officers have backgrounds in law enforcement, military and private security and complete our rigorous in-house training and continuing education to ensure their field-readiness.
  • Armored fleet—we have a vehicles dedicated to patrol services and armored vehicles available for armed transport

When you invest in commercial security services from IPS, you entrust what’s most valuable to your business to the best in the industry.

What Security Services Do You Need?

IPS offers full-service security to ensure you have access to the highest level of protective service, but most businesses do not need maximum protection all day, every day. IPS will help you determine what security services you need to maintain safe and secure business operations during a free security assessment. Contact us to get started.

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