Security Guard Firearms Training in Scottsdale, Arizona

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) takes pride in providing superior residential and commercial security service. The quality of our protective service is directly tied to the training we require and provide for our officers.

Benefits of Our Officers’ Firearms Training

IPS demands that our officers meet the highest standards of professionalism, but that means more than looking the part of security guard. Our armed guards must be ready to resolve any threat at any time, so they must make the decision to draw or holster their sidearm in milliseconds.

Our firearms training ensures that our armed officers are both accurate and discriminating shooters. When you leave it to our professionals to handle any security situation, you relieve yourself entirely of liability resulting from threat resolution activity.

Firearms Training Overview

Armed guards complete the most rigorous training. Our in-house training program, which meets State of Arizona Department of Public Safety licensing requirements for armed guards, covers topics including:

  • Use of force continuum—appropriate use of force and de-escalation techniques
  • The five firearms safety rules
  • Laws pertaining to firearms and deadly physical force
  • Legal and practical aspects of use of force and personal/employer liability
  • Verbal and written communication and conflict management
  • Specific weapon endorsement
  • Training household members
  • Hazards of loaded firearms in the home

In addition to classroom instruction, Arizona armed guards also complete range instruction and must pass a shooting qualification for licensure.

Continuing Firearms Training

At IPS, training is never really done. Our officers are required to clock range time every week to maintain their firearm handling skills, and supervisors provide additional training. Officers must requalify for their armed guard certification annually.

To learn more about IPS’ firearms training schedule or enroll in a class, please contact us.

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