International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) has the experienced security officers you need to enhance or expand the executive protection offered to dignitaries and celebrities traveling through or staying in the Scottsdale area.

Why Outsource Executive Event Security

Local Scottsdale law enforcement and Arizona state forces may be obligated to provide executive protection for the governor and other traveling dignitaries. However, some venues and entourages require more security coverage than law enforcement agencies can spare without putting other vital operations at greater risk.

IPS provides the additional executive protection manpower needed to fully secure an area, route or principal. Our officers have the credentials, training and experience you need to ensure reliable security coverage.

Executive Protection Capabilities

IPS can assist your executive protection detail in a number of ways, including:

  • Access control for one or more venues
  • Access control along open routes
  • Armed transport
  • Private bodyguard detail for the principal and/or key members of the entourage

IPS can conform to your executive protection specifications, whether that requires uniformed or plain-clothes officers, off-duty law enforcement officers, etc.

Every IPS armed officer at IPS has completed our in-house training, which exceeds the requirements for licensure by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

To coordinate executive protection services, please contact us.

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