Large gatherings increase threats, especially if alcohol is served. That’s why you need enhanced private security coverage for your personal or business event. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) provides the customizable security coverage you need for adequate protection without compromising your guests’ comfort.

The Benefits of Event Security Services

The presence of experienced and highly trained security officers bestows a number of benefits for those hosting an event, including:

  • Peace of mind for you and your guests—the visible presence of security officers allows guests to enjoy the occasion, knowing that in the event of an emergency or threat, help is on-site.
  • Decreased liability—our security officers ensure that only invited/authorized guests attend your event, minimizing safety and security risks on the premises.
  • Cost-savings in property loss or damage that did not occur—our officers’ ability to identify potential threats early increases our ability to prevent crimes from being attempted or completed.

IPS’ reputation in the private security industry also ensures you get the benefit of security coverage that has the training and capability to resolve any threat.

Customizable Event Security Services

IPS provides clients a number of options for event security services, including:

  • Uniformed or plain-clothes officers
  • K-9 officer presence
  • Tasking (e.g. guest list checks, alcohol ID checks, restricted access enforcement, etc.)
  • Level of force exercised to resolve a threat

The security experts at IPS will determine the number of event security personnel needed for adequate coverage.

For commercial events that involve property or attendance of persons who increase your targetability, we can help you identify and address risks before your event. Contact us for a pre-event security consultation.

Security Service for Every Day of the Year

IPS’ capabilities—both the size of our security force and our officers’ training—allows us to provide much more than event security. Contact us to find out what commercial or residential security services are right for your Scottsdale location with a free security assessment.

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