Private Security Dispatch in Scottsdale, Arizona

When you need help, International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) will be there fast. Our private dispatch center allows us to respond immediately to your calls for protective service.

About IPS Private Dispatch Center

Some private security companies have one centralized dispatch center for their national operations. Some private security companies have no private dispatch at all; they simply rely on police broadcasts for information.

IPS does better. We have a regional dispatch center that operates 24/7, including holidays. Our dispatch capabilities allow us to:

  • Manage call volume
  • Eliminate cross-talk and other public channel chatter
  • Precisely direct our officers to where they are needed

Our dispatch center staff receive the same training as our security officers. This allows them to better understand field conditions and officers’ needs so that they send the right type of assistance at the right time.

Benefits of Private Dispatch

Private dispatch facilitates clear, effective communications among our security team, and that translates into benefits for our clients. Our private dispatch allows us to respond faster to your alarms and distress calls. On average, we are on-site within 15 minutes, which may be hours before law enforcement is able to arrive.

Our speedy response time often puts us at the scene of a would-be crime before it is completed, sparing you the expense of property loss or damaged and/or the tragedy of personal injury or death.

Better security service starts with increased responsiveness. Contact IPS for protective service backed by our private dispatch center.

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