Personal/Executive Protection Service in Scottsdale, Arizona

Executives, dignitaries, political figures and others of high notoriety traveling in or through Scottsdale, AZ can count on International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) for personal protection service. We have extensive executive protection capabilities to preserve your safety and privacy.

Body Guards Up to the Task

The officers providing personal protection detail are experienced body guards who have the physical and mental capabilities required to keep you safe. Our officers are trained to:

  • Identify covert threats and/or threats presented by crowds and crowd mindsets
  • Resolve security threats while maintaining a low profile
  • Create a physical barrier between you and the public

Our officers can provide covert protection detail that blends in with the crowd or a highly visible body guard presence.

Customizing Your Personal Protection Detail

IPS clients have a lot of room to customize commercial executive protection service. You may determine, for instance:

  • Minimum or maximum distance between you and your body guard
  • Body guard dress (uniformed, plain clothes or formal attire)

You may also add armed transport to your executive protection service, for which you may select your vehicle from our armored fleet.

Your executive protection agreement has no time or distance limitations. It remains in effect, even if you require travel across state lines. The only limits to our body guards’ capabilities are those prescribed by federal, state or local laws and/or facilities visited.

Coordinating Executive Protection

IPS has experience coordinating with law enforcement agencies and other private security contractors to provide supplemental executive protection services for large-scale events. Please contact us to discuss how we may expand your resources to provide adequate protection and access control for your executive transport and/or event.

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