Security threats do not always wait for you to arrive at home or work. The road from one location to the next can be just as hazardous. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can protect your person and your property in-transit.

How We Ensure Your Safety during Transport

IPS has the officers and the vehicles needed to keep you safe during transport. At minimum, our armed transport service entails:

Armed transport service can be upgraded to include multiple officers and/or vehicles to meet your needs.

Customizable Armed Transport Service

IPS gives clients a lot of choices for armed transport service to make sure you get the level of protection you need for peace of mind. Service customization options include:

  • Type of vehicle
    You may select a marked or unmarked vehicle and select the size and style of vehicle. Our fleet includes armored vans, luxury sedans and SUVs
  • Personnel
    You may specify armed transport be provided by our Law Enforcement Division

IPS will determine the number of armed officers necessary for your transport service. Some situations may necessitate armed transport by or with an investigator. The security experts at IPS will provide details after a free security assessment.

Armed transport service is available for a minimum of two hours. There are no time or mileage maximums; IPS can transport you anywhere within legal limits.

Who Needs Armed Transport Service?

Anyone can be a target, so anyone may need armed transport. No matter if you count yourself a “regular” person, a local celebrity or someone with more widespread notoriety, IPS can increase your security on the move. Contact us to begin your armed transport service with a free security assessment.

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