To protect your property and the lives of those on it, an alarm system is likely not enough. You can get more proactive and responsive service from a highly trained and experienced standing guard from International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS).

Benefits of Standing Guard Service

IPS offers standing guard service by armed and unarmed security officers, depending on your needs. No matter the level of capabilities of the agents on site, standing guards provide:

  • A visible security presence that deters many potential crimes
  • Skilled eyes and ears to detect threats that may be missed by residents or those conducting business on your premises
  • Experienced agents who can intelligibly liaise with law enforcement if the need arises

Our standing guards always have access to additional officers through our private dispatch center.

Customizable Standing Guard Service

Standing guard service from IPS is highly customizable, allowing you get the right level of security protection when you need it. Options for customizing your standing guard service include:

  • Duration—minimum of four hours up to 24-hour coverage for as long as you need it
  • Dress—standing guard service provided by uniformed officers or plain-clothes agents
  • Experience—standing guard service provided by our Law Enforcement Division

Businesses may also prescribe duties for standing security officers, such as:

  • ID checks
  • Personnel escorts

Both residential and commercial clients may add security patrol service and/or request standing guard officers conduct foot patrols during their coverage shifts.

Is Standing Guard Service Enough?

The security experts at IPS will determine if armed or unarmed officers are best suited to provide standing guard service for your Scottsdale home or business during a free security assessment. Our assessment may also identify threats or risks that are better addressed through additional services. We will provide all our recommendations for your consideration. Contact us to get started.

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