Superior Security Services in Scottsdale, Arizona

There is no way to predict when a security threat may arise. Even in the safest neighborhoods, threats may present themselves in the form of disgruntled employees, angry partners, thieves and vandals, or even internal operators digging into your bottom line. You do not have to wait until a threat presents itself. You can prevent security issues and protect lives and property with security services from International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS).

Our Security Service Capabilities

IPS offers full-service commercial security that includes:

With the exception of patrol services, you have the option of selecting uniformed officers or plain-clothes detail to make our presence as visible or inconspicuous as your needs dictate. You may also choose to have your security services exclusively provided by our Law Enforcement Division.

*Standing guard service is also available for residential clients.

How We Provide Superior Security Service

IPS does not make empty claims about the quality of our security services. We provide better service than our competitors because we:

Employ only the most highly qualified officers
IPS has a rigorous six-part hiring process to vet every candidate. Only the best of the best get the honor of serving our clients.

Provide exceptional training
After proving their merit for the job, all IPS officers complete state-certified training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to resolve threats and reduce liability on your premises.

Operate on a “safety first” mindset
IPS does not limit resources that may be deployed to resolve your security threat based on your service agreement. When officers on-site need back up, we send it. Period.

Get the level of protective service you need to effectively prevent and resolve security threats whenever they may arise. Contact us to begin security services with a free security assessment.

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