Uniformed Security Officers

Residential Security Services in Albuquerque and the Greater Southwest

Visible security officers alone can be a deterrent for personal and property crimes, and that’s why International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers personal protection detail and standing guard services by uniformed officers.

The Benefits of Uniformed Security

The presence of a private security firm can help prevent your home or person from being targeted, but only if that presence is visible. Uniforms are the easiest way to recognize IPS presence on your premises.

The easy recognition of security officers can also minimize liability issues in the event that a security issue arises on your property. All security and law enforcement officers have certain rights and capabilities if it is clear that they are acting in that professional capacity. A uniform makes it clear that our officers are, in fact, licensed agents equipped to resolve security threats.

Recognizing IPS Uniformed Security Officers

To the untrained eye, uniformed IPS officers may look very similar to other uniformed law enforcement agents in the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico region. Our uniforms include:

  • Tactical shirts and pants
  • Duty belt with handcuffs (for all officers) and OC spray, baton and/or firearm (for armed guards, depending on level of certification)

Our officers are clearly distinguishable from other agencies, however, by the badges and shields they wear, which clearly identify them as IPS officers.

Choosing Uniformed Security Officers

When you choose private security services from IPS, you may have the option to choose between uniformed and plain-clothes officers. This option is limited to standing guard and personal body guard details. Our patrol officers are always in uniform since their position demands that they always have the capabilities and easy recognition as professional security agents that uniforms provide.

We understand that plain-clothes officers are more appropriate for some situations. We will make recommendations for uniformed or plain-clothes officers following a free security assessment for your home or event security coverage. Contact us to get started.

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