New Mexico State-Certified Security Officer Training

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) is a leader in the private security industry, and that shows in the training we provide officers.

Leading the Way for Training in New Mexico

IPS literally wrote the book on security officer training. The curriculum we developed for our in-house training program has been adopted for the security guard certification curriculum by the New Mexico Licensing and Regulation Department. As a result, graduates of our training course, which include officer candidates for other private security companies, may sit for the state certification exam.

Levels of New Mexico Officer Training

IPS offers training for all levels of security officers, which includes:

  • Level I—unarmed, non-lethal training, including self-defense strategies
  • Level II—non-lethal methods, including baton, handcuff and keys and OC spray
  • Level III—armed lethal training that includes firearms

New training courses run every month. Contact us to register.

What Officers Will Learn in Training

Officer training equips our field (and dispatch) officers with the knowledge and skills they need to secure an area, resolve threats, facilitate law enforcement investigation and administer aid to injured individuals. In our training, officers learn:

  • New Mexico laws that define and restrict the use of force and powers of detention and arrest
  • New Mexico laws that outline relevant legal liabilities for citizens, officers and employers
  • Limits to authority of security officers
  • Verbal and written communication skills and techniques for conflict management
  • De-escalation techniques and appropriate use of force
  • Basic first aid
  • Radio dispatch protocol
  • Note-taking and report writing
  • How to secure and area
  • How to identify and handle evidence

Candidates in the Level III training also learn:

  • Five firearm safety rules
  • Weapon manipulation
  • Firearm retention and equipment
  • Firearm and ammunition storage

The training every IPS officer receives upon hire is just the beginning. Our officers receive an additional of 40 hours per quarter of advanced training from their supervisors, and Level III officers must requalify at the shooting range every year.

Interested candidates can visit our Careers section to learn more about available positions and submit an application. Interested residents can contact us to sign up for residential security services provided by some of the most highly trained professionals in the industry.

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