How to Choose a Private Residential Security Firm

In the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico region, there are a number of private security companies that may offer residential services. To find the one best equipped to keep your home and family safe, you need how to find a reputable full-service private security firm. You will find the capability and resources you need from International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS).

Choose a Private Security Firm that Will Work for You

Some private security firms only offer patrol services for neighborhood associations. IPS, on the other hand, works for private homeowners. We offer a range of services that extends beyond patrols. Our residential security services also include:

We also have our own K9 unit available for residential security detail.

We help you determine which residential services are most needed during a free security assessment.

Choose a Private Security Firm that Has the Right Experience

Unlike many private security firms that rely on minimally trained guards who may be able to do nothing more than observe and report, IPS hires experienced professionals. Most of our officers are current or former members of military or law enforcement. In addition to the training they receive from their branch or agency, IPS officers also complete our own in-house training program and more than 40 hours of advanced training each quarter. Our officers have the knowledge, skills and the field experience to resolve any type of security threat.

Choose a Private Security Firm that Offers Protective Service

To prevent your home from being the target of property or personal crime, you need a private security firm that offers proactive service. IPS does. We take pride in offering protective service that minimizes threats from the outset and seeks to resolve security issues on-site to reduce or eliminate personal cost to you.

Choose the private security firm that gives you peace of mind. Contact IPS to start home protective service with a free security assessment.

For a private security firm with the right experience and capabilities, call International Protective Service.
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