Firearms Training for Security Officers in Albuquerque and the Greater Southwest

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers maximum protection through patrols and standing guard service provided by armed officers. In order to ensure they know how to appropriately and accurately use their weapon, we provide firearms training and require annual requalification.

Level III Guard Training Curriculum

In New Mexico, to be an armed officer equipped with a firearm (lethal force), a candidate must pass the Level III certification exam. The in-house training program at IPS is state-certified, allowing those who successfully complete the course to sit for the exam.

Our Level III guard training course is a week-long intensive training during which candidates learn:

  • Use of force continuum—appropriate use of force and de-escalation techniques
  • Laws pertaining to firearms, deadly physical force and the exercise of the powers of arrest
  • Legal and practical aspects of use of force and personal/employer liability
  • Verbal and written communication and conflict management
  • First responder basic first aid
  • Specific weapon endorsement
  • The five firearms safety rules
  • Weapon manipulation
  • Types of sidearm
  • Firearm retention and equipment
  • Firearm storage devices
  • Locking devices
  • Ammunition and storage
  • Training household members
  • Hazards of loaded firearms in the home

Our curriculum teaches officers other methods of threat resolution, making it clear that deadly force should only be used as the last means to protect life.

On-Going Firearms Training

Initial Level III certification entails qualification with a specific weapon at the firing range. IPS demands a higher level of performance, so our officers are encouraged to practice at the range often and must recertify annually.

Benefits of Extensive Firearms Training

Extensive firearms training has one major benefit for you—increased safety. Because we demand “fluency” in the use of force, every officer has the same skills, capabilities and conflict resolution strategies available, so no matter who responds to your call, you get the same quality of personal protection.

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