One reason International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) is able to respond so quickly to security issues is because we have our own dispatch center. Our dispatch center is staffed by highly trained officers who communicate directly with field officers to get backup where it is needed ASAP.

The Benefits of Private Dispatchprivate dispatch

Our private dispatch center offers both our clients and our officers one huge advantage—speed. When you are facing a security threat, every second counts. A few minutes may be the difference between property loss and damage or personal injury.

Having our own dispatch center allows direct contact between:

  • You and IPS
  • Dispatch and field officers

There is no “middleman.” We can have additional officers on-site in less than 15 minutes—a fraction of the average response time for local law enforcement responding to a home security call.

Highly Trained Dispatch Officers

IPS’ private dispatch center is vital to our operations, so only the most qualified officers are chosen to staff it. Our dispatch officers:

  • Complete New Mexico Level I, II and III security guard classes, so they understand what field officers may be dealing with
  • Spend three weeks with a dispatch trainer to learn dispatch operations
  • Are supervised by an experienced dispatcher for their first week on the job

Because our dispatch personnel have completed security officer training, they may be able to provide instruction or guidance over the phone while you wait for officers to arrive on the scene.

What Residential Security Services Do You Need?

Our private dispatch center is always staffed—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To get access, you need to sign up for residential security services. We can help you determine which services will best meet your needs through a free security assessment. Contact us to get started.

Call International Protective Service for residential security that comes with the benefit of private dispatch.

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