International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) makes it easy to get the private investigative services you need for personal or legal matters.

Free Case Assessment

The first step to getting any residential security services, including private investigation, is to contact us. We will conduct a free case assessment, which can often be done over the phone. During this assessment, one of our private detectives will gather basic information about the case:

  • Purpose of the investigation—personal, legal, civil, criminal, etc.
  • Party/parties involved and their relationship to you
  • Case history/background

Based on the information you provide, our detectives will determine if they will take the case. The detective who conducts the assessment may refer you to a colleague if another member of our investigative team has specialized experience with your type of case. All private investigation cases require a minimum of four hours of private detective assignment.

What You Can Expect from Your Private Detective

In order for an IPS private detective to begin work on your case, some administrative issues must be completed, such as:

  • Signing client agreement
  • Signing confidentiality agreements and/or non-disclosure agreements

Once officially hired, the private detective taking your case will provide an overview of the investigative process and what you can expect in the days to come. Every investigation is different, so your private detective will:

  • Discuss how they plan to approach the investigation
  • Give you estimated timelines for specific activities and/or results
  • Request documentation, electronic and/or physical access to various sites, etc.

Your timely cooperation is imperative to the progress of the investigation.

No matter what type of investigation you hire IPS private detectives for, you can rest assured that our investigative team is working for you. We do not have an agenda that may interfere with the questions we ask or the findings we present.

Call International Protective Service to hire a private detective for your personal or legal case.
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