Anyone can be the target of a security threat, so that means anyone may need a body guard. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) provides close protection detail to private citizens who need the capabilities of a trained and experienced body guard.

Why Consider Hiring a Body Guard

Close protective detail gives you the confidence to move about in public whether or not you face or fear active threats. No matter where you are or need to go, you have the peace of mind that you are safe from harm.

The officers who act as personal body guards are highly trained and experienced, so they can:

  • Identify threats undetectable by casual observers
  • Create a physical barrier between you and those who may pose a threat
  • Resolve security threats with or without the use of physical and/or deadly force

When it is clear you are privately protected, close protective detail can effectively deter potential troublemakers.

Customizing Your Body Guard Detail

Close protective service from IPS is completely customizable to your needs. You determine:

  • The duration of protective service (minimum four hours)
  • The level of visibility of your personal body guard—i.e., uniformed or plain-clothes officer
  • The proximity between you and your body guard that must be maintained at all times

Your close protective service agreement remains in effect, even if you require travel outside the greater Albuquerque, New Mexico region or across state lines. Please note, however, that our body guards must abide by the regulations and requirements of any premises, such as a federal building, courthouse, etc.

To start close protective detail, contact us. We will conduct a free security assessment and make recommendations for customizing your body guard detail to best suit your situation.

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