Private citizens and homeowners can ensure the security of their persons and most valuable possessions in transit with armed transport services from International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS).

Why Consider Armed Transport

Armed transport service offers peace of mind when you or your valuables are on the move. Situations for which armed transport may be necessary include:

  • Relocating a home safe
  • Moving a valuable private collection
  • Personal transportation after a threat or in territory with an increased security risk

Armed transport may also be used as an additional precaution for minors at risk for kidnapping or trafficking.

Armed Transport Vehicles and Capabilities

When you hire IPS for armed transport services, you add the protection of:

  • Our highly trained and experienced officers
  • Armored vehicles

Our armored fleet includes a van and luxury vehicles, allowing us to provide highly visible or less detectable armed transport service.

IPS does not limit the distance our armed transport may carry you or your property so long as the distance covered remains within legal limits (as determined by federal, state and local regulations).

Armed Transport Service for Peace of Mind

You do not have to suffer feeling vulnerable to security threats when you or your property is on the move. Get the protection you need in transit with IPS armed transport service. Contact us to discuss your transportation needs. We conduct a free security assessment and offer recommendations for appropriate residential security solutions.

Call International Protective Service for residential armed transport service.
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