Armed Guard Security Services in Albuquerque and the Greater Southwest

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) provides peace of mind amid life full of security threats. To do so, our officers may need the capability to use force to resolve issues. In situations where clients prefer or circumstances demand such capability, residential security services are provided by armed guards.

The Benefit of Armed Security Guard Services

The ability to use force to resolve security threats is not a privilege; it is a responsibility that must be earned through proper training and experience. Because our armed officers have the right training and experience, they are able to:

  • Identify threats earlier
  • Intervene earlier to de-escalate and/or resolve a security threat

Should the threat level increase and/or a crime be in-progress, armed officers have more options and resources available to resolve the issue before law enforcement must be called in.

Levels of Armed Guard Capabilities

Most states have a graduated certification system that determines the extent to which an officer may be armed. Armed security guards are usually certified/classified as follows:

  • Armed guards who may use less than lethal force—i.e., OC spray, baton
  • Armed guards who may use lethal force—i.e., carry and discharge firearms

Regardless of level of armed capability, officers are trained to use the least force necessary to resolve the situation.

Extensive Training for Armed Guards

IPS ensures that our armed officers are among the most highly trained in the private security industry. Most of our officers are current or former military or law enforcement, and in addition to their career training, they must:

  • Pass a complete psychological evaluation, similar to those used to vet potential law enforcement candidates
  • Complete IPS’ in-house training program
  • Requalify annually at the shooting range

Our armed officers also receive on-going training from their supervisors. The extensive training our officers receive ensures they know how to appropriately apply force to minimize the loss of life and property.

Contact us to find out if armed security guard services are the best solution for your home through a free security assessment.

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