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No neighborhood in the greater Albuquerque area is immune from crime, but that harsh reality should not leave you living in fear for your safety or that of your family or possessions. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers comprehensive residential security solutions that give you peace of mind.

Property and Personal Protective Services We Offer

IPS offers a wide array of services to monitor your home and respond to threats. Our residential security services include:

Our residential services also include protective service for individuals, such as:

Homeowners and individuals can choose the level of protection and visibility of their private security by selecting an armed guard, unarmed guard, uniformed officer or plain-clothes detail. Because we are protecting your person and/or premises, you get to determine the extent and type of force we may use to carry out our protective service.

Superior Residential Security and Protective Service

IPS offers security and protective service unrivaled by any other private security firm because:

  • Most IPS agents are current or former military or law enforcement

In fact, you can specifically request an off-duty law enforcement officer be assigned to your home or personal detail.

  • All IPS agents have undergone a rigorous hiring process and training program
  • We have a K-9 division for protection and investigation
  • We have a private 24-hour dispatch center

On average, we are able to respond to your call within 15 minutes…and we respond to every alarm, every call.

Customize a Personal/Home Security Services Plan

To ensure you get the home and personal protective service you need and that fits your budget, IPS will perform a free security assessment. We also lend our expertise as security consultants to help you select home security systems and plan security for events. Contact us to hire IPS for private security service today.

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