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International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can offer more than other security companies. Our officers’ training and experience allows us to go beyond observing and reporting to actually resolving security threats. We are licensed in 16 states, making our protective service available to individuals, homeowners and businesses throughout the greater Southwest.

Why We Have Protective Service Capabilities

At IPS, we define “protective service” as security service that actually diffuses or resolves a threat, whether that be done proactively or reactively. Not all security companies have this capability. We do because our officers are all highly experienced and trained, most of them current or former military or law enforcement. We also have the ability to provide a timely response because of our private 24-hour dispatch.

Please contact us to inquire about protective service for your person, home, business or event.

Personal Protective Service

IPS offers protective service to individuals who have experienced or fear a threat. IPS has the capability to provide:

  • Private bodyguards
  • Executive protection
  • Private investigation

Clients may opt for an armed or unarmed guard. We can help you determine the appropriate level of protection during a free security assessment.

Proactive Protective Service

IPS can stave off many security threats simply through our presence. We offer a number of proactive protective services, including:

All clients have the option to select highly visible protective service that includes marked cars and uniformed officers or less conspicuous detail provided by plain-clothes officers in unmarked vehicles.

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