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International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) is no run-of-the-mill private security company. We offer what many commercial security firms do not—protective service that effectively prevents property damage, loss and/or personal injury.

The Definition of Protective Service

At IPS, we define protective service as the means it takes to defend our clients’ property and personal safety. That means our commercial security services entail a lot more than simply standing guard to observe and report suspicious activity or witnessed crime. Our officers are highly trained and experienced, so we can actually prevent and resolve security threats.

The Advantage of Protective Service

When compared to conventional private security services, protective service from IPS provides one significant benefit to commercial property owners and managers—it saves you money. Protective services can spare you the expense of:
  • Lost/stolen inventory
  • Property damage caused by break-ins, trespassers, vandals, etc.
  • Lost business due to closures during investigations or repairs
  • Liability for injuries sustained on your property
Protective service also gives you peace of mind, and that is invaluable.

Our Protective Service Capabilities

IPS offers a range of security services to protect your commercial property and employees and guests with lawful access, including:

As our client, you determine how visible you want our officers to be as well as the limitations to their use of physical force to resolve security threats.

Our security experts can help you determine which commercial security services best meet your needs through a free security assessment, or you may opt for security consultation for a more comprehensive evaluation of your current security infrastructure and policies. Contact us to get started.

Protective service from IPS can spare you the expense of property damage, operational downtime and liability.

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