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While every community in the greater Albuquerque region boasts the protection of its own law enforcement agency, the reality is that most law enforcement is reactive, not preventative or protective. In other words, law enforcement gets involved when an incident has already occurred—property has already been damaged or stolen, threats made and/or injuries sustained. Hiring a private security company can change that reality.

As your private security company International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) can more effectively prevent incidents, and because of our fast response, we may also minimize any damages that result from attempted or completed criminal activity.

Hire a Private Security Company for Property Protection

Private security services by IPS include patrols and guards to keep watch over your residence and the prized possessions within it whether you are at home or away. We are the first call your alarm monitoring service makes, and we respond to every call. The visible presence of uniformed officers and marked vehicles is often enough to deter any criminal activity without intimidating your family or neighbors.

Hire a Private Security Company for Enhanced Personal Safety

The private security services available from IPS are not limited to patrols and standing guards on your premises. We provide personal protection to keep you or a loved one safe from bodily harm. We offer body guard protection and armed transport services, and you control the extent to which our officers may intervene to resolve potential threats.

Hire a Private Security Company for Peace of Mind

Hiring IPS for as your private security company helps you rest assured because you know:

  • If your alarm goes off, we will respond immediately.
  • If an intruder is found on your premises when you’re not home, we can lawfully detain them before local police arrive.
  • If anyone presents a threat, we have the training and skill to resolve the situation.

You simply cannot put a price tag on the sense of peace that comes with knowing your home and family are being looked after by experienced professionals.

To hire us as your private security company, contact us. We conduct a free personal security assessment to determine which services best fit your needs and budget.

You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. Call International Protective Service, Inc. to make us your private security company today.

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