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The residential services provided by International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) are not limited to home and property protection. We offer personal protective service to keep you and your loved ones safe from harassment or bodily harm.

Who Needs Personal Security

Personal security service is most commonly sought by individuals who have:

  • Experienced or fear domestic violence
  • Experienced or fear harassment at work or in public
  • Recently acquired wealth
  • Achieved notoriety/celebrity status

At IPS, we know that anyone can become the victim of intimidation, threats or physical violence. Therefore, our protective service is available to anyone who wants personal security.

Experienced Personal Security Detail

Personal security service from IPS is provided by highly-trained and experienced officers. Most of our agents are current or former law enforcement or military. You can even request an off-duty officer for your private security detail.

Our professionals have the license (pending your permission) to use force to mitigate threats and detain individuals who present a threat to your personal security.

Personal Security Options

IPS offers a range of personal security options to meet your needs without compromising your comfort or liberties, including:

  • Personal body guard—armed or unarmed
  • Standing guard near/outside your location (residence, hotel room, etc.)
  • K-9 detachment
  • Armed transport

IPS can provide highly visible personal security detail with uniformed officers and marked cars or cover detail by plain-clothes officers and unmarked vehicles. We can help you select the best personal security options to fit your needs and preferences with a free personal security assessment. Contact us today.

Get personal protection from the experienced officers at International Protective Service, Inc. Call us for a free personal security assessment today.

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