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International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) is unique among private security companies in the greater Albuquerque area because no member of our security team is a novice. All our agents are highly trained and experienced, and a number of them are active members of local law enforcement agencies. And when they’re off-duty, they provide residential security services for IPS.

Local Off-Duty Officers

IPS has a rigorous hiring process to ensure that we only take the best of the best for our private security team. We are proud to include active members of local law enforcement agencies, including:

  • Albuquerque Police Department

Our private security team also includes off-duty members of Army and Air National Guard and Reserve components of all branches of armed service.

Benefits of Off-Duty Officer Security Service

Having an off-duty law enforcement officer perform your security patrol and/or keep post as your standing guard comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Training to Diffuse Security Issues

Inexperienced and/or poorly trained security officers may inadvertently escalate security issues. That doesn’t happen with off-duty officers. They have the training to diffuse security issues, often resolving threats with nothing more than their presence or a strong voice and confident message.

  • Quick Response to Security Threats

Law enforcement officer training involves real-world practice and on-the-job experience. When they encounter real threats, their training “kicks in,” so they know exactly what to do without hesitation.

  • Relationship with Law Enforcement On-Duty

If resolving a security threat means detaining a suspect or reporting suspicious activity, off-duty officers know what on-duty law enforcement need to know to make the arrest and/or conduct an investigation. They know the protocols when break-ins or injuries occur so that evidence is not tampered with and people get the proper care they need.

Off-duty officers are also highly trained in the use of force, so they know when force may be needed as well as how to effectively use physical means such as pepper spray, batons and/or firearms.

Request Off-Duty Officer Protective Service

When you choose IPS for your private security company for personal protection or event security, you can request staffing by off-duty officers. To learn more about your residential service options, please contact us.

International Protective Service, Inc. offers protective service from off-duty local law enforcement agents.

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