A vast majority of property and personal crimes are crimes of opportunity…and opportunities only present themselves when no one’s watching. Make sure your business operations are always under the watchful presence of an experienced officer from International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS).

Benefits of Unarmed Guards at Your Commercial Facility

The primary benefit of an unarmed guard at your Midland commercial facility is the visible security presence they provide. Having a uniformed officer posted in conspicuous places and/or patrolling the building or campus sends the message to potential criminals that your business is no easy target.

By deterring criminals, an unarmed guard can spare you the expense of recovery from property damage or loss and liability for personal injuries on your premises.

IPS Unarmed Guard Credentials

You get the most benefit from unarmed guards who have the right training and skills, and IPS’ officers do.

Our unarmed guards complete:

  • Our rigorous six-part hiring process
  • Our in-house training curriculum, which meets or exceeds requirements outlined by the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • On-going training every quarter

Our officers’ training enables them to identify threats early and effectively communicate with our dispatch center and/or local law enforcement for threat resolution.

Unarmed Guards Are Just the First Line of Your Security

An unarmed IPS officer is never stranded or isolated. Backup is always available…and fast.

At IPS, we provide protective service, and that means we deploy all force necessary to protect your property and the lives of those on it. When our unarmed guards need help, we send additional officers and supervisors who are typically on-site within 15 minutes.

An unarmed officer may be the right security solution for you. Find out with a free security assessment. Contact us to schedule.

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