Commercial Security in Midland, Texas

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) takes pride in being a full-service security contractor. In order to provide the full service we promise, we must have officers with the right capabilities. To that end, we offer security services provided by licensed Level 2 and 3 (armed) guards.

Why Consider Armed Security Guard Services for Your Facility

For commercial facilities at high risk for security issues, having only unarmed guards on the premises may leave you vulnerable.

Having armed security guards not only equips officers with more resources to physically resolve threats, their additional training can also help mitigate risks.

Our licensed Level 2 and 3 guards are trained to identify threats earlier than security guards whose licenses limit them to observe-and-report detail. As a result, they may intervene earlier to de-escalate the threat, many times without resorting to any type of physical force.

Levels of Armed Guard Capabilities

Texas has a graduated security guard licensing system that restricts the type of physical force an officer may carry. IPS has armed guards at both armed levels:

  • Level 2: armed guards who may use less than lethal force, such as OC spray and baton
  • Level 3: armed guards who may carry firearms

IPS can help you determine which level of armed officer will best meet your security needs during a free security assessment.

You Can Trust IPS Armed Guards

IPS demands more of our armed officers than is required to successfully earn their Level 2 or Level 3 license. Our officers undergo rigorous training that includes:

  • Our 46-hour in-house training program
  • Continual firearms training that includes significant range time
  • Annual requalification with their sidearm

Our training is on top of law enforcement or military career training that our officers have already completed.

Our officers’ experience and up-to-date credentials ensure that they know when and how to wield appropriate force to resolve security threats.

Contact us for armed security services from the industry’s most highly-trained officers.

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