Armed Security Services For Events in Midland, TX

Personal and property crime is bad for business. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) provides the full-service security coverage you need to safeguard your bottom line from damage and loss caused by vandals, thieves and internal threats.

Commercial Security Services We Provide

IPS offers a wide range of security solutions for commercial facilities in the greater Midland, TX area, including:

  • Armed transport
  • Event security
  • Executive protection
  • Patrol service
  • Private investigation
  • Standing guard*

All services are coordinated through private dispatch and, with the exception of patrol, may be provided by uniformed or plain-clothes officers. You may also determine the level of force IPS officers may have at their disposal when on your site.

*Standing guard service is also available for residential clients.

What Makes Our Security Services Superior

IPS does not make empty claims. We know our security services are superior because:

We only hire the best of the best
IPS officer candidates must make it through our rigorous six-part hiring process to join our team. Most of our officers come to us with years of experience in military, law enforcement or private security careers.

We provide extensive training
Even though our officers already have career training, they must complete our in-house training program so that they are equipped for private security operations. We also provide advanced training and require significant range time for our armed guards.

We do what is necessary to resolve threats
IPS does not limit resources needed to resolve threats on your premises based on what you pay. When an officer requires backup, we deploy all the resources needed to protect life and property.

Get the security services you need to keep the peace and allow you to focus on your company’s profitability. Contact us to start with a free security assessment.

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