Commercial Security Services in Malibu, California

International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers security services provided by uniformed officers to deliver the most professional appearance and conduct.

Why Consider Uniformed Officers at Your Commercial Facility

Some business owners may fear that highly visible uniformed officers will increase fear or tension at their facility. But, these fears are unwarranted. Uniformed officers more often increase the confidence of those conducting business on your premises.

In addition to the effect on the workplace environment, uniformed officers can also decrease potential liabilities in the event that a security threat arises. Uniformed or plain-clothed, as licensed security guards, our officers have the authority to intervene. However, when they are uniformed, their authority is more quickly recognized.

When You May Select Uniformed Officers

Uniformed officers exclusively provide all patrol services. However, you may select when you want uniformed officers on your premises for other security services, such as:

  • Standing guard
  • Event security
  • Armed transport

You may also have the option between marked or unmarked vehicles when your security services involve additional fleet vehicles.

Increase Your Security Coverage

IPS has the resources and assets to enhance the safety and security of your Malibu, CA commercial facility. Find out what security services you need to meet your needs through a free security assessment. You may also contact us for security consultation for more in-depth security evaluations and recommendations.

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