There is no reason to let the threat of crime rob you of your peace of mind. And you can do more to protect it than install an alarm system. Hiring a private security company can enhance personal and property safety, and International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) is the private security company you need for superior protection in the greater Malibu, CA area.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Security Company

Some of the benefits of hiring a private security company are easily calculated, such as lower insurance premiums for your home or business. However, many of the benefits can only be estimated because there’s no way to precisely determine the value of:

  • Property or inventory that is not lost to theft or vandalism
  • Medical expenses not paid because personal injuries were prevented
  • Business transactions made possible because of a safe environment for your employees, customers and business partners
  • Confidence in the safety of your person and environment

In other words, the major benefits of hiring a private security company are the security risks that never escalate to real-world threats.

Why Choose IPS for Your Private Security Company

Although you have many choices for private security companies in the greater Malibu area, IPS is your best because we offer the most wide-ranging capabilities.

We have the resources to effectively deter and resolve security threats, including:

  • Highly trained and experienced officers
  • Private dispatch
  • Patrol and armored vehicle fleets

We also have the expertise to identify what security services you need to protect your home or business. We offer all clients a free security assessment and can provide more in-depth security evaluations and recommendations as a consultant. Contact us today to begin residential or commercial security services.

Call International Protective Service, Inc. to benefit from the presence of a private security company at your Malibu-area home or business.
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