International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers more than most private security companies in the greater Malibu, CA area. Our officers and assets allow us to provide a full menu of security services to protect life and property on your commercial premises.

What Full-Service Security Means to Us

IPS offers a wide range of security services, including patrols, standing guard and private investigation. But it takes more than our on-site coverage to be full-service.

Our approach to private security is what really makes our service full-service. At IPS, we do not limit the resources we will deploy to your site based on what you pay. If a security issue arises and our on-site officers need assistance, they get it—no questions asked. We have a private dispatch that immediately (re)directs all resources needed to resolve threats on your property.

What Full-Service Security Means for You

When you invest in private security from a full-service company, you get exceptional protection. Our capabilities and ability to flexibly deploy assets means that we can:

  • Effectively prevent your commercial facility from being targeted for personal or property crime
  • Identify risks and mitigate them before they escalate into security threats
  • Respond within minutes to every call

Full-service security can spare you significant expense in false alarm fees, inventory loss, property damage and other liabilities.

Meeting Your Private Security Needs

Maintaining safe business operations typically does not require all the resources IPS has at our disposal, but we can help you determine what you do need. Contact us for a free security assessment and recommendations for a customized commercial security services plan.

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