International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) provides event security service for one-time and on-going events. Our officers are highly trained and experienced professionals with the training and capabilities needed to keep your guests and property safe.

Why You Need Event Security

No matter where your event is held or who is invited, events raise security risks. Here’s why:

  • Large numbers of people increase the chances of interpersonal altercations.
  • Large numbers of people attract attention of criminal elements, providing either a target or distraction for premeditated activity.

If alcohol is served at the event, threat risk escalates even more.

Attempts to handle security threats on your own make you liable for anything that happens as a result, which may include property damage or personal injury. When you hire IPS for event security, we assume liability for all security-related incidents.

Security for Private and Business Events

IPS provides security for events hosted at private residences as well as commercial facilities. We determine the minimum number of officers required for your event during a free risk assessment. You may further upgrade or customize your event security service by choosing:

  • Officer dress—uniformed or plain-clothes officers
  • Level of allowable force used to resolve a security threat
  • Additional officers

Event security is available for a minimum of four hours. We have the capabilities to handle regularly scheduled and multiple-day events.

To find out what security coverage you need for your event, please contact us to schedule your free risk assessment.

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