When your home or commercial facility requires security coverage, entrust your needs to International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS). We invest the time in vetting and training only the most qualified officers, giving you peace of mind when our guards are standing post on your property.

Superior Standing Guard Service

IPS security officers are among the most highly trained and experienced in the industry. Most of our team are current or former law enforcement or military, yet their previous training alone isn’t enough to put on our uniform and be posted at your facility. Our officers must also:

  • Complete our 40+-hour in-house training program
  • Complete quarterly training

Our guards have the capabilities to identify threats early and resolve most threats before law enforcement is required.

Commercial Standing Guard Capabilities

IPS standing guards can perform a number of duties on your commercial property, including:

  • Access control at public entrances and/or entrances to restricted areas
  • Personnel escorts

Their visible presence alone is often enough to deter potential criminals or disturbances on your property.

Standing Guard Service Options

IPS gives our clients a lot of control over the security presence on their premises. When you hire IPS for standing guard service, you may choose:

  • Length of assignment (minimum four hours up to 24-hour coverage as long as needed)
  • Uniformed or plain-clothes officers
  • Additional guards
  • Level of force they may exercise on your property to resolve threats

IPS will determine the minimum number and level of qualifications (i.e. armed or unarmed) of guards based on our free risk assessment. Contact us to get started.

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