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International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) takes pride in offering full-service private security, and that includes the presence and use of highly trained dogs.

One of the Only Private K9 Divisions in New Mexico

K9 divisions have been part of local law enforcement agencies for decades, performing duties ranging from drug and bomb detection to suspect or missing person searches. The training required for dogs and their handlers to effectively perform is extensive and expensive. As a result, most private security companies do not have a K9 division.

IPS, however, takes pride in providing the highest quality private security service, and that requires investing in a K9 division. We have K9 officers and handlers available to provide standing guard, event security and other personal protective service.

Benefits of K9 Protective Service

There are a number of benefits of having a K9 presence on your protective service team, including:

  • They are a deterrent
  • They can go places people cannot
  • They can give chase and get places faster
  • They can find substances undetectable by human senses

While K9 officers intimidate would-be criminals, their furry presence often comforts those being protected and put neighbors or guests at ease.

Request K9 Protective Service

When you choose IPS for your residential security service provider, you get to choose how your property and/or person will be safeguarded. You always have the option to request a K9 detachment for your standing guard or event security. We may even recommend K9 division presence based on our free security assessment. Contact us to schedule yours.

International Protective Service, Inc. is one of the only private security companies with a K9 division. Call us for a free security assessment.

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