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If you choose to hire a private security company for your home or personal protection, you need to carefully choose your security firm. International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) offers what most Albuquerque-area security companies cannot—full security services that are not limited by inadequate officer training or your payment plan.

What We Mean by Full Service Security

IPS is a full-service private security company, which we define as a company that is able to:
  • Provide a broad range of security services
  • Effectively prevent, diffuse, and resolve security threats to your property or person
  • Respond quickly to every call
  • Dedicate and/or divert resources to a situation to ensure your life and property are protected
We are able to meet these high standards because of our unmatched professional expertise. IPS is licensed to provide personal protective and investigative services in 16 states. Our officers are carefully vetted and undergo our own in-house, New Mexico state-licensed training program and continuing education.

Every Client Deserves Full Service Security

With IPS as your private security company, every client has access to full service. If your contracted residential services only call for security patrols or a standing guard on duty from midnight to 6 am on Saturdays and Sundays, that is what we provide to maintain the status quo. But if a situation arises, you are not limited by what you paid for. In the event of a security situation, our officers immediately inform dispatch, who immediately routes backup. Every officer has the training and experience to discriminately use physical force (including a firearm if permitted), if necessary, to resolve the situation; and we may detain individuals for further questioning by local law enforcement.

What Are Your Security Needs?

While every IPS client has access to full-service security, you do not need our entire force standing guard on your lawn 24/7. To determine the private security services you need, we conduct a free personal security assessment. Contact us today to get started.

International Protective Service, Inc. is a full service security company. Call us to schedule your free security assessment.

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