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International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) stands apart from other private security agencies by providing full-service security to protect your commercial property, assets and human resources.

How IPS Defines “Full-Service”

At IPS, to be a “full-service” security company, we have to do more than provide a wide range of commercial security services. In addition to patrolling or standing guard on the premises, we also have to:

  • Respond fast to every call
  • Effectively deter and/or resolve security threats

We have a private 24-hour dispatch and sufficient staffing to ensure that we can respond to every alarm, every call in 15 minutes or less. Once on the scene, our officers have the training and experience to handle any security situation, and backup is always available so that we can neutralize any threat. When we wait for law enforcement, it is typically to hand over a detained suspect for questioning.

IPS Delivers Full Service to Every Client

Most private security companies limit the resources to your commercial facility based on your contract. With IPS as your commercial security provider, that’s not the case. If you are contracted for security patrols or standing guards, that is the minimum security provided. If threats arise, we will direct and divert every possible resource we have to resolve the situation.

Where Your Full Service Begins

While IPS delivers full-service security to every client, not every client or commercial facility requires intensive daily coverage. We help you determine what security services will most effectively and cost-effectively safeguard your property and the people on it during a free security assessment or a more comprehensive security consultation. Contact us to get started.

Security services from IPS can save lives, property and unexpected expense.

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