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With a security team of highly trained and experienced officers, International Protective Service, Inc. (IPS) is able to provide personal protective service to individuals living or visiting Albuquerque and the greater Southwest region whose reputation and/or office garner (unwanted) attention.

Who Needs Executive Security Services

IPS provides executive protective service for:


Corporate executives


Political figures (candidates, elected officers, lobbyists, etc.)

Executive protective service is available whether you have experienced or received threats or simply occupy a position that makes threats more likely.

We can provide executive protective detail as well as train executive staff to perform security functions. Those seeking executive protection may choose the level of visibility and background of security officers.

Executive Security Assignment Duration

For many dignitaries and celebrities, executive protective service may only be needed for a short stay. However, political figures may need executive protection throughout a campaign season or longer. IPS provides executive protective service for as long as needed.

To coordinate executive protective service, please contact us.

Our Range of Executive Security Capabilities

The experience and training of our security team allows us to provide a vast array of executive protective capabilities, including

  • Active shooter response
  • Armed standing guard and/or personal bodyguard
  • Asset protection
  • Countering irregular threats
  • Covert protection operations
  • Criminal and civil investigations protection
  • Discreet expeditionary solutions
  • Estate security
  • Executive vehicle fleet
  • First responder (tactical and medical capable)
  • High risk protection details
  • K9 detachment
  • Military operatives for security
  • Secure transportation of persons or items
  • Security patrol unit
  • Threat management
  • Workplace violence response

International Protective Service, Inc. provides superior executive protective service. Call us to coordinate executive detail.

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